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My Fanfiction


KHR! Fanfiction

*From Future to Present Series:
Emerald Tears - Unchangeable Future - Like Rabbit - In Blood - Adore
R/M. Longfic & Oneshot. 8059, 3059. Non-AU

*In the Forest of Silence
Oneshot. 8059.

*Same Mistake Again
Shortfic. 8059.

Oneshot. 8059.

*How to Love a Broken Boy
Oneshot. 8059.

Super Junior Fanfiction

1. Longfics

PG/K. Non-Pairing. 1st Super Junior Fanfiction. Self-Insertation.

*Love Sick
R/M. KangTeuk, YeTeuk, HeeLee, HanChul. Non-AU.

*Beyond the Memories
NC-17/M. KyuMin and more other couples. Supernatural!AU.

2. Shots, Drabbles and Others

*Super Junior Couple Oneshot
Multi-Chapter. G/K. Many Pairing. Non-AU, Non-SA. Member-ai.

*Hate U, Love U
G/K. KyuTeuk. Non-AU.

*One Night
NC-17/M. KyuMin. Yaoi.

PG/K. JungSu-centric, LeeTeuk-centric. Happy Birthday Park JungSu.

*KyuMin 100 câu phỏng vấn
G/K. KyuMin. Drabble. Ăn theo.

*Your Eyes Only
NC-17/MA. YeTeuk. Warning Yaoi, Non-con, BDSM, etc.

*Fading Image
PG/T. KyuMin. AU.

*They Know Nothing about Us
PG/T. KyuMin, implied other couples. Đá đểu và cười khốn sau lưng.

*Chúng mình cùng yêu nhau đi!
R/T. HaeHyuk. Non-AU.

*End without Beginning
G/K. YeTeuk. Non-AU.

*You Got Married
PG/T. YeTeuk, Kang(SoRa)Teuk.

*Dried Lips
Drabble. G/K. KyuMin. Waff. Mừng 5 năm thành lập Super Junior-K.R.Y.

*Adult Game
PG/K. BoomTeuk. Silly.

PG/K. KyuMin. Drabble.

*Just the Two of Us
PG/K. KyuTeuk. Hurt/Comfort.

*Can't be Dead
R/T. KyuMin. AU.

*Lost Dream
NC-17/MA. Non-pairing. Angst.
3. Dropped

*Cơn mưa tháng 7
Oneshot. PG/K. YeTeuk. Non-AU.

PG-13/T. KyuMin, implied!KyuHyun-centric. Non-AU. Prequel của "Listen to Only Me".

*Listen to Only Me
R/M. KyuMin. Non-AU. Sequel của "Unspeakable".


*Present Extra Oneshot Special - The One I Love
G/K. YooMin (HwanHee/Brian). Sad.

*Present Extra Oneshot Special - Gentle
G/K. TonHyuk. Sad.